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Posted by Jean Femia on Mar 1, 2017 4:02:04 PM

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Opto 22 groov Box includes Node-RED for IIoT applicationsWe've just released version 3 of Node-RED for the GROOV-AR1 groov Box. 

Node-RED is an open-source software tool for digitally wiring together hardware devices (like the groov Box), APIs (application program interfaces), and online services.

If you have a GROOV-AR1, Node-RED is included starting with groov Admin 44.

(Node-RED is not included in older GROOV-AT1 boxes nor in groov Server for Windows.)

This new version includes Node-RED 0.16.2, with improved debugging, an easier way to locate nodes in a flow, and other enhancements. This release also fixes an issue in Node-RED Admin about uploading SSL certificates with Firefox. See the Node-RED for groov Readme for details on the release. 

To get the upgrade:
1. Log into manage.groov.com.
2. Click Show next to your groov Box, and scroll down the list till you see Node Red for groov Box. Click the filename for version 3 to download it.
3. If you haven't installed groov Admin R1.570.45, also download that file (at the top of the list). It adds security features you need. 

To install Node-RED for groov Box version 3:
1. Make sure you have groov Admin R1.570.45 in your groov Box. 
2. Before updating, back up your Node-RED project using Node-RED Admin.
3. Open groov Admin. Click Quick Start and then the Update Node-RED button.
4. Click Choose File, locate the update file, and click Update.
5. Wait while Node-RED is updated, which may take several minutes. Any flows in progress are restarted.

To update SNAP PAC nodes and add Node-RED nodes for groov:
1. In Node-RED, click the hamburger menu in the upper right and choose Manage palette.
2. In the left-hand column, you can see the nodes you have now.
 - SNAP PAC nodes are named node-red-contrib-pac – Details: SNAP PAC nodes
 - groov nodes are named node-red-contrib-groov – Details: groov nodes
3. Click the Install tab. Search for the node you want; when it appears, click the install button next to it. 

For more information and samples, be sure to see:

Get the Node-RED for groov Box upgrade.

Get the free upgrade

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