OptoNews: A groov mobile operator interface built just for you

Posted by Jean Femia on Sep 23, 2015 5:24:00 PM

Seeing your key machines and sensors on your smartphone or tablet—whether they're in your facility or remotely located—could be mighty useful, you may be thinking.

But maybe you don't have the time or interest to develop your own groov mobile operator interface, or configure devices and set up networking.

If that's the case, take a look at the groov Action Plan.

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Topics: groov, optonews, New products, OptoNews 2015-09-23

OptoNews: Monitor Modbus RTU devices from your phone

Posted by Jean Femia on Sep 23, 2015 5:23:00 PM

You've heard us talk about how you can monitor and control your Modbus/TCP devices from a groov mobile operator interface on your tablet or smartphone.

But what if your Modbus device uses a serial link? 

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Topics: Energy management, Videos, groov, Remote monitoring, optonews, Integrators, Building management, OptoNews 2015-09-23

OptoNews: Smart Industry in Chicago, Unlimited Electro in Tijuana

Posted by Jean Femia on Sep 23, 2015 5:22:04 PM

See groov and the SNAP PAC System in action at two trade shows in early October:

  • Smart Industry 2015, October 5-7 in Chicago, Illinois
  • Unlimited Electro, October 6-7 in Tijuana, Mexico
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Topics: groov, PLCs, IoT, optonews, PACs, Events & conferences, OptoNews 2015-09-23

OptoNews Tech tip: Should I check to see if the output's still on?

Posted by Jean Femia on Sep 23, 2015 5:21:15 PM

When you turn on an output, do you set a flag and then check it to see the output's status before turning the output on again? 

Or do you just turn it on without checking?

Is setting a flag a good way to speed up the program and avoid tying up the network with unnecessary communications to I/O?

Or does it just add a lot of extra variables and decision blocks that make debugging and maintenance harder?

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Topics: Discrete control, Tips, optonews, PACs, I/O, PAC Project, OptoNews 2015-09-23

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