Learn with Interactive Demos: groov View and Ignition Cloud Edition

Posted by Dan White on Mar 4, 2024 1:42:11 PM

Visit Opto 22's two product demo sites for a hands-on learning experience.

I know, you're always on the hunt for tools that make your life easier and your projects cooler, and I've got something you might want to check out—interactive demos for groov View and Ignition Cloud Edition.

This is a chance to dive into what these platforms can really do for your visualization and overall SCADA needs. If you’re already familiar with Opto 22 products, you’ve probably heard of groov View—an intuitive, web-based HMI/visualization software that comes standard on every groov EPIC. You may not have heard of Inductive Automation’s Ignition—a versatile industrial application platform for SCADA, MES, IIoT projects, and more.

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groov system configurator debuts new features

Posted by Janice Colmer on May 17, 2023 10:29:27 AM

Try out the beta version of the online system configurator to start designing your groov EPIC and RIO control systems together.

Have you tried out previous versions of the groov EPIC Configurator or groov RIO Explorer tools on our website? Customers, integrators, and our own Opto engineers regularly use these interactive resources for technical guidance.

Now the two groov configurators have been combined into one detailed online design system. Instead of planning your EPIC and RIO systems separately, you can plan them together. Configure groov EPICs (including processors, licenses, power supplies, I/O modules, and chassis), groov RIOs (all three types), and groov software in a complete system.

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Discover and learn with Interactive Demos

Posted by Janice Colmer on Dec 8, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Learn more about automation products and IIoT technologies through the Interactive Demo section on the website.

Many people benefit from hands-on learning, which is why we've always maintained a section of interactive resources on the Opto 22 website. If you haven't tried it yourself, take a few minutes to point, click, and discover some new product features and functions.

These website demos cover advanced edge computing and IIoT concepts using groov EPIC and RIO products, building custom HMIs with groov View, and even basic automation 101 concepts like PID turning.

Here are some website demos you can explore.

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Design your groov systems online

Posted by Janice Colmer on Jul 13, 2022 9:33:00 AM

Take advantage of the groov EPIC Configurator and groov RIO Explorer tools on the Opto 22 website.

If you're considering the groov EPIC edge controller or groov RIO edge I/O modules for your projects, check out the online tools on our website that help you design these systems. You'll be able to view all the components that make up the system and select the ones you need for your specific application. 

In the interactive groov EPIC Configurator, you click and choose components like processors, power supplies, I/O modules, and signals, so you can start building your system online.

In the groov RIO Explorer, you can select each of the software-configurable I/O channels to see all the various I/O signals types available, so you can determine if groov RIO is right for your remote I/O needs.

You can even send your selections to Opto 22 application engineers for review. They can review your design with you to make sure you're meeting all the requirements for your project. Does this sound like a helpful resource you'd like to learn more about?
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