OptoNews: G4 I/O - Going strong since 1989

Posted by Jean Femia on Nov 4, 2015 4:57:08 PM

If you've used Opto 22 products for a long time, you may very well have some colorful G4 digital I/O modules in a panel somewhere. They were probably installed back in the 1990s.

Still reliably monitoring sensors and activating outputs, these G4s are likely the workhorses of your automation system. Why would you ever want to replace them?

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Topics: Discrete control, optonews, Migration, I/O, PAC Project, Optomux, OptoNews 2015-11-04

OptoNews: Choose components for your control system

Posted by Jean Femia on Nov 4, 2015 4:56:15 PM

Choose the software, controllers, I/O, and more for your application, with help from our new interactive demo about SNAP PAC System components.

You'll find answers to questions like these:

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Topics: optonews, PACs, I/O, PAC Project, OptoNews 2015-11-04

OptoNews: ISA Process Control & Safety Symposium

Posted by Jean Femia on Nov 4, 2015 4:55:53 PM

Join us in Houston, Texas, November 9-12, 2015, for the ISA Process Control & Safety Symposium.

You'll learn about instrumentation, communications, control systems, safety, and security.

The symposium is geared toward engineers, technicians, and plant managers from oil and gas, refining, chemical, petrochemical, and other process industries.

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Topics: Process control, groov, optonews, Events & conferences, Oil & gas, OptoNews 2015-11-04

OptoNews tip: More on the why of sinking and sourcing

Posted by Jean Femia on Nov 4, 2015 4:54:23 PM

We talked about sinking and sourcing in a previous OptoNews tech tip.

But it's a subject that causes a lot of confusion, so it's worth revisiting.

Sinking and sourcing basically refer to the two methods of wiring a digital DC circuit.

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Topics: Discrete control, Tips, optonews, I/O, OptoNews 2015-11-04

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