OptoNews: G4 I/O - Going strong since 1989

Posted by Jean Femia on Nov 4, 2015 4:57:08 PM

G4 digital I/O modulesIf you've used Opto 22 products for a long time, you may very well have some colorful G4 digital I/O modules in a panel somewhere. They were probably installed back in the 1990s.

Still reliably monitoring sensors and activating outputs, these G4s are likely the workhorses of your automation system. Why would you ever want to replace them?

There's no reason you should.

You can still buy G4 digital I/O and get free support plus a lifetime warranty on most modules. You can be sure we've tested each individual module twice under full load before it's shipped to you. They're seriously reliable and used all over the world.

And you're no longer limited to serial-networked mistic systems with your G4D32RS digital I/O units. You can use them in a modern Ethernet-networked SNAP PAC System. That means you can:

  • Upgrade your G4D32RS mistic bricks to the latest powerful SNAP PAC programmable automation controllers and PAC Project software, without replacing field wiring.
  • If you already have a SNAP PAC System, connect these G4 I/O units to it.
  • Switch digital loads up to 3 Amps at 45 ºC with G4 output modules (check individual module specs for variation).

To change existing G4 digital I/O units—Part number G4D32EB2-UPG includes a new Ethernet-based brain and a new cover. You can replace the legacy G4D32RS brain and cover currently on your digital I/O unit while keeping the G4 I/O and field wiring in place. 

G4 I/O with an Ethernet-based G4D32EB2 brain

Remember that the new brain uses a different protocol—OptoMMP instead of mistic—and different commands. So for an existing I/O unit, you will need to change your program in order to communicate. 

To add new G4 digital I/O unitsPart number G4D32EB2 includes the brain, cover, and rack. For a new I/O unit, add the G4 modules you need at that location. 

Both upgraded and new G4 digital I/O units are natively supported in PAC Control; just choose the brain in the list to configure the I/O unit.

See the Ethernet G4 brain

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Written by Jean Femia

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