OptoNews: New Modbus Integration Kit for Ethernet and serial

Posted by Jean Femia on Oct 7, 2015 2:49:06 PM

Whether your Modbus equipment uses Serial RTU, Serial ASCII, or Modbus/TCP protocol, our latest Modbus Integration Kit has you covered. 

The kit makes it easier to integrate your Modbus equipment with SNAP PAC controllers running PAC Control strategies. 

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OptoNews: Sinking and sourcing explained

Posted by Jean Femia on Oct 7, 2015 2:48:18 PM

Confused about sinking and sourcing in DC circuits?

Want to find out which digital output module to use in a DC circuit?

Manufacturers label their DC outputs in different ways. This new animated demo defines sinking and sourcing and shows you which type of Opto 22 output module to use, depending on your application.

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OptoNews: Vote for your automation favorites

Posted by Jean Femia on Oct 7, 2015 2:47:44 PM

The international Automation Inside Readers' Choice Awards 2015 are now open for voting.

And we're happy to announce that Opto 22 was nominated in the Best Automation Company category, and groov was nominated in the Best Embedded System/HMI category.

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OptoNews Tech tip: Can multiple devices talk to a PAC controller?

Posted by Jean Femia on Oct 7, 2015 2:46:37 PM

A SNAP PAC controller communicates over Ethernet. Is it OK if two PCs are trying to communicate with the PAC at the same time, or will they interfere with each other? 

This was the question in a recent OptoForum post, and it got a quick answer: yes, it's OK.

Whether it's a standalone S-series or a rack-mounted R-series PAC, you can have many devices simultaneously requesting data from and sending data to a SNAP PAC.

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