OptoNews: Sneak peek - SNAP-AIRTD-8U multifunction input

Posted by Jean Femia on Jul 6, 2016 4:34:26 PM

Actually you can buy this flexible analog input module right now. You'll just need a SNAP PAC brain or R-series controller with firmware R9.5a in order to use it—coming soon!

Designed for 3-wire RTD temperature inputs or high-resolution resistance measurement, the new SNAP-AIRTD-8U analog input module has, yes, 8 points, each individually software configurable.

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Topics: Energy management, Process control, optonews, New products, I/O, OptoNews 2016-07-06

OptoNews: Case study - Keeping supercomputers cool

Posted by Jean Femia on Jul 6, 2016 4:31:58 PM

Getting Useful Data from Big Data

At the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), researchers analyze mountains of data from widely differing fields, including:

  • Supersonic aircraft
  • The human brain
  • Distant stars
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Topics: Energy management, Case studies, optonews, PACs, Integrators, Building management, Modbus, OptoNews 2016-07-06

OptoNews: Las Vegas IoT Evolution Conference & Expo

Posted by Jean Femia on Jul 6, 2016 4:29:33 PM

Are you thinking about your Internet of Things (IoT) strategy? Join us next week in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the IoT Evolution Conference and Expo.

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Topics: Internet of Things, Remote monitoring, IoT, optonews, Events & conferences, Integrators, OptoNews 2016-07-06

OptoNews Tip: More capabilities, more I/O for legacy systems

Posted by Jean Femia on Jul 6, 2016 4:27:33 PM

Move up to SNAP PAC—and keep racks and field wiring intact

Have you seen some of our newer high-density, high-speed, or multifunction I/O modules and wished you could use them in your legacy SNAP Ultimate or SNAP Ethernet I/O system? 

Have you wanted to build an easy-to-use groov mobile interface for your legacy system?

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Topics: Updates, optonews, PACs, New products, Migration, Integrators, I/O, OptoNews 2016-07-06

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