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Posted by Jean Femia on May 3, 2013 9:36:00 AM

The great thing about groov is that you can view your operator interface on pretty much anything—computer, mobile device, HDTV, whatever—with just a web browser, right? Right!

But sometimes you'd rather have your operators more focused on the HMI, especially on a mobile device. You'd like to slow down the constant distractions of a browser, like game scores or Facebook.

And if you're a machine builder or OEM, maybe you even want to use a tablet as an interface to your equipment and make sure operators can't look at anything but the HMI.

The answer is free: get groov View apps, now available for iOS and Android:


HMI in app: groov View for iOS groov HMI in app

groov View HMI in browser groov HMI in browser

Why get an app?

A groov View app makes it look like your HMI is running on a custom mobile app.

It simplifies what you see by displaying the HMI full screen and without browser menus.

And if you need to lock down a device so all it can be used for is your interface, get an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and put it in kiosk mode (Apple calls it Guided Access). In kiosk mode the Home button is disabled, so the device is always showing your HMI.

How it's viewed—in a browser, in an app, or in an app with the device in kiosk mode—doesn't change how you build your operator interface. It's still the same HMI that scales to fit.

Now you just have choices in how you view it.

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