groov 2.1 simplifies live video feeds

Posted by Jean Femia on Mar 13, 2014 3:00:00 AM

groov IP camera gadget shows live video on mobile interface We've seen a lot of interest in one particular new feature in the new groov version 2.1: the IP video proxy.

The proxy makes it a lot simpler to include live video from remote IP cameras in your groov mobile interface. You can track physical access to remote installations, monitor hard-to-reach equipment, see how much it's snowed (or how little it's rained), and so much more using live video over the Internet.

The Video gadget's new reverse proxy service option automatically handles all the work of connection to IP cameras over the Internet, so it's just as easy to include live video from outside your facility as from inside.

Another new feature for the Video gadget: you can now set the update (refresh) period individually for each video camera. Some video locations need more frequent updates than others. For example, you can set the video camera monitoring door access to refresh every second, while the weather camera refreshes far less frequently.

If you have a groov Box or groov Server for Windows, the groov 2.1 update is free. To get your update:

  1. Log in at manage.groov.com.
  2. Click Show in the Details column next to your groov to see new files available for it. Click the filename to download the file and SAVE the file to your computer:
    • For a groov Box, click groov Application version 2.1.
    • For groov Server for Windows, click groov Server version 2.1.
  3. Back up your groov project, just in case. In groov Build, choose File > Backup project to computer.
  4. Install the update:
    • For a groov Box, go to groov Admin and choose groov App Update under System in the menu tree. Locate the file you saved, click Open, and then click Update. Wait for the success message.
    • For groov Server for Windows, run the new installation file.
  5. Enjoy the new features!

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