New releases: groov View for iOS and Android

Posted by Jean Femia on Feb 4, 2014 4:00:00 AM

groov View app for AndroidWe've recently released updated groov View apps in both the App Store and GooglePlay.

These are optional apps you can download for free and use to see your groov operator interface on iOS or Android mobile devices. Using an app instead of a browser can help reduce distractions and keep focus on the interface.

The new version 2.2 lengthens the timeout from 20 seconds to 60 seconds, which may help with slower network connections.

The previous version was just released in December, so if you haven't updated yet, you'll want to now. It added the ability to configure multiple groovs (for example, if you have more than one groov Box or groov Server). Once you've configured all your groovs, you can:

  • In any groov screen, simply swipe to the right (on iOS) or tap the back button (on Android) to see your whole list of groovs. Then tap to view the one you want.
  • Choose a default groov, one groov you want to see whenever you open the app. You'll still be able to swipe or go back to your list. (Tap the groov in the list and choose it as the default. In iOS, then also choose Settings > groov > Enable default device.)
  • Hide the list so you can't see other groovs. (Choose Settings > groov > Enable kiosk mode. In iOS, you'll see only the first groov in the list. On Android, you'll see the groov you've chosen.)

Note that this kiosk mode is different from Guided Access mode in iOS. In kiosk mode you're limited to one groov interface, but you can still get to everything else on your phone or tablet. In Guided Access mode you're limited to the groov interface only; you cannot use the mobile device for anything except groov. Guided Access mode is perfect for using an off-the-shelf mobile device as your machine interface.

Get your groov View app now:

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