A new and improved SVG and GIF library for your HMI projects

Posted by Janice Colmer on Nov 29, 2023 6:28:16 AM

Take your groov View HMI to the next level!

Are you building HMI screens to use with your groov EPIC (GRV-EPIC-PR1 or GRV-EPIC-PR2) or groov Server for Windows (GROOV-SVR-WIN-BASE)? We can help! We've just debuted a new section of the Opto 22 website where you can find all your SVGs, PNGs, GIFs, product images, and logos in one convenient location.

These images and animations work especially well if you're using browser-based groov View. Included with your EPIC, groov View lets you easily build an operator interface to see and interact with exactly the devices and data you need. Choose from a variety of images suited for all kinds of industrial applications. 


What's included in this updated SVG and GIF library?
  • Editable SVGs (You might recognize these from the previous SVG image library, with a few recent additions.)
  • As-is SVGs - not editable (These are also from the SVG library, but now also include SVG product images.)
  • Product images in SVG as-is and PNG formats
  • GIF animations with PNG static forms
  • Logos in SVG and PNG format
 In addition to existing graphics, users can create new SVGs using these tools from the SVG Image Library:
  • Button editor
  • Drawing pad

And when you're in this design tool, you can also search for the right addition to your HMI screen by:

  • Image formats: Editable SVGs, As-is SVGs, animated GIFs, and PNGs
  • General application categories: process, discrete, energy, transportation, water, etc.
  • Specific devices or entities: AC, alarms, conveyors, gauges,  pumps, valves, etc.
  • Products: groov, EPIC, logos, etc.
  • Artwork qualities: front view, perspective, isometric, symbolic, realistic, etc.


Where do you start?

First, choose from one of the main categories:

  • All Images for searching all graphics by tags
  • Product Images for marketing-related product images and logos
  • Editable SVGs for groov View user interfaces
  • GIF Animations for groov View and PAC Display 
  • Button Editor for creating SVG, text-labeled buttons in various states for groov View
  • Drawing Pad for creating polygon-based SVGs for groov View

Options vary for each choice: Note, that All Images offers tag searches, and 3 categories organized by tag names.

Another fun feature: You can change a background color to see how the graphic would display on light or dark backgrounds, and the background color doesn't affect the downloaded graphic. You can even change the display size of graphics to better see image details. 


So, take advantage of this easy-to-use tool and start building beautiful, scalable HMIs today!


Topics: groov View, groov EPIC, HMI, SVG, GIF

Written by Janice Colmer

Janice has worked at Opto 22 for more than 16 years and is part of the marketing team that strives to share new and relevant content with the automation industry. She enjoys books, camping, country music, and spending time with family and friends.
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