CODESYS and groov EPIC in the real world

Posted by Janice Colmer on Oct 27, 2021 10:46:38 AM

Watch the "CODESYS in the field" presentation from the Fall 2021 CODESYS Tech Talk.

In case you missed the Fall CODESYS Tech Talk virtual event, we have an important session to share with you. As an experienced Opto 22 user and engineer, Jared Bates from Rust Automation & Controls joined us to present a current water/wastewater application that uses the CODESYS runtime engine on groov EPIC.

CODESYS on groov EPIC means you can program the EPIC for industrial control and monitoring using any familiar
IEC 61131-3 compliant language. And more good news...it's free. groov EPIC's CODESYS support includes a free license (GROOV-LIC-CRE), CODESYS workbench, library package, and training. The webinar covers all this and more.

Benson Hougland kicks it off with an overview of Opto 22 and the groov EPIC product line. Senior Application Engineer Garrick Reichert then takes you on a deeper dive to better understand the CODESYS Runtime Engine and the Opto 22 CODESYS libraries. He'll explain why it's included in the EPIC's programming options and how it works.

Finally, don't miss the real-world scenario portion of the presentation. Rust Automation & Control Regional Manager and Engineer, Jared Bates, will walk you through a recent application he completed for a rural water district in Boulder, Colorado. See how Pinebrook Water is utilizing groov RIO remote I/O and MQTT to securely communicate back to CODESYS on the EPIC controller. It's a lot of ground-breaking technology working together.

We hope this webinar inspires you and provides ideas of how CODESYS and groov EPIC can be your solution too.

Watch: CODESYS in the Field - Opto 22 and Rust A&C


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