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Posted by Janice Colmer on Jun 23, 2020 9:54:21 AM

Take advantage of a new section of Opto 22's website devoted to groov RIO resources and tools.

As an OptoBlog subscriber, you've heard us talking about our latest edge I/O offering, groov RIO (GRV-R7-MM1001-10). It's I/O for the IIoT™. We've previously shared a press release, video, webinar, and a white paper resource for this exciting new product. And now there is one place to go for all your groov RIO questions...

groov RIO microsite

Enter the RIO microsite, a subsection of the Opto 22 website dedicated to everything groov RIO! We've designed this part of the site to help you learn more about edge I/O and its different product features:

I/O for the IIoT
Get a detailed explanation of what groov RIO is meant to do and how it addresses the challenges of bringing field device data into on-premises and cloud applications.

groov RIO Videos
Watch the 3-minute product overview or the one-hour live-action webinar.

Thousands of Field I/O Combinations
Check our math, and see for yourself how we came up with this big claim.

groov RIO Hardware
Usually, I/O integration requires specifying an exact interface; designing a custom electrical panel for signal, power, and network distribution; and installing additional connectivity hardware. See why groov RIO’s installation options take the guess-work, time, and cost out of this process.

groov RIO Software
Create simple data flows with groov RIO’s built-in Node-RED editor and runtime to store data locally and send data to cloud services, databases, other I/O devices, and APIs. Or configure and enable MQTT on groov RIO to securely send data—as Sparkplug B or string payloads—to MQTT brokers on premises or in the cloud. 

groov Manage for RIO
Start configuring and wiring I/O like a pro. It's easy from your computer or mobile device with groov Manage.

groov RIO Security
Learn how groov RIO keeps your devices and data secure. Edge I/O unlocks data and makes it readily available by incorporating open standards from both automation and information technology fields.

groov RIO Explorer
Use this interactive online tool to try different I/O combinations and see what's possible for your application.

groov RIO Documents
Whether it's a CAD drawing, data sheet or product user's guide you're looking for, you'll find the quick links here.

More questions about groov RIO?
Talk to an Opto 22 engineer. What do you want to do? We're ready to help you get started.



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Written by Janice Colmer

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