groov EPIC Learning Center 2 available now

Posted by Janice Colmer on Mar 27, 2024 7:23:53 AM

For pilot projects, proofs of concept, and exploring, get the new groov EPIC LC2 with more features and capabilities than the original.

A complete package of fully functioning EPIC hardware and software, the groov EPIC Learning Center is designed as an integral part of our free OptoU Online Training at training.opto22.com.

And it's now available to order!

See what's included in the new GRV-EPIC-LC2, and be ready to take on your industrial automation and IIoT applications.


This latest version of the Learning Center now includes a powerful groov EPIC PR2 processor and a new universal I/O module (GRV-MM1001-10). It's ideal for pilot projects, Proofs of Concept (POCs), demonstrations, or simply having a fully working system on your bench or desk for development. But it's also portable, with its custom-designed, durable carrying case.

With this learning center kit, you'll learn how to: 

  • Set up and configure the groov EPIC processor and I/O
  • Develop control programs with multiple programming options
  • Create web-based, mobile-ready operator interfaces (HMIs)
  • Connect to existing PLCs
  • Exchange data with cloud services, databases, and other software

Take a look at what's included in the GRV-EPIC-LC2.

groov EPIC Parts

Mounted on a plexiglass stand with a load panel are:
• 1 groov EPIC processor, GRV-EPIC-PR2
• 1 power supply, GRV-EPIC-PSPT
• 1 DC input module, GRV-IACDCTTL-24
• 1 DC output module, GRV-ODCI-12
• 1 universal I/O module, GRV-MM1001-10
• 1 four-position chassis, GRV-EPIC-CHS4

The operator load panel includes:
• 2 illuminated push buttons
• 1 potentiometer
• 1 ICTD temperature probe with resistor
• 1 Sonalert alarm
• 3 Multi-color LEDs: red, blue, and green

Software on the GRV-EPIC-PR2
  • groov Manage—to configure, commission, and troubleshoot the processor
  • PAC Control Engine—a real-time control engine to run flowchart-based control programs
  • CODESYS Runtime Engine—a real-time control engine to run IEC-61131-3 compatible control programs
  • groov View—to build and view mobile and browser-based operator interfaces
  • Ignition Edge®—from Inductive Automation®, provides drivers to PLCs (development license included)
  • MQTT with Sparkplug—a secure, bi-directional, lightweight publish/subscribe protocol
  • Node-RED—an open-source, multi-platform IIoT tool to connect databases, cloud apps, and APIs
  • SSH—optional secure shell access to download and run your custom application written in languages like Python, C/C++, and others, on an open, Linux®-based automation system

Software for Control Programming and HMI Development 
You can download these free software packages to your computer to develop flowchart-based or IEC-61131-3 compatible control programs, as well as HMIs:
  • PAC Control—a flowchart-based industrial automation programming tool
  • PAC Display—to build HMI operator interfaces for Microsoft® Windows®-based computers
  • CODESYS Development System—a software platform for factory automation, providing IEC-61131-3 support
  • Opto 22 Library Package for CODESYS—a library package to add to the CODESYS Development System

The estimated lead time for the GRV-EPIC-LC2 is 6-8 weeks. Contact pcs@opto22.com to get one on order and remember, it also includes free technical support from our Product Support team and free online training.


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Written by Janice Colmer

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