How to build a basic UI in Node-RED

Posted by Janice Colmer on Mar 15, 2021 11:48:48 AM

Next up in the Node-RED developer video series, this tutorial makes it easy to create your own HMI or dashboard.

When we first introduced the Node-RED developer video series a few months ago, we started off with how to "Set up groov I/O nodes." Once you've installed and configured them, it's time to do something interesting with your data.

This new video does just that. Next up in the Node-RED video series is the Basic Node-RED Dashboard UI Tutorial.

Terry Orchard will show you how to download and configure the Node-RED dashboard nodes and connect them to your device I/O (in this scenario it's an Opto 22 groov RIO) so you can read and write data from a connected web browser.

You'll use groov Manage to select I/O channels and choose what you want to control and what data to display. See how easy it is to rearrange your dashboard in a way that's intuitive to you.

Basic Node-RED Dashboard UI Tutorial


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Topics: Videos, Node-RED, groov Manage, developer, groov RIO

Written by Janice Colmer

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