Long-term support for SNAP PAC systems

Posted by Dan White on Feb 27, 2024 10:53:39 AM

You can feel secure in your SNAP PAC product designs.

In the ever-evolving industrial automation industry, it's crucial to have a solid foundation you can rely on. For many of you, that foundation has been built on our SNAP PAC systems, and you’ve grown accustomed to the reliability these systems provide your automation projects. We understand the importance of SNAP PAC in your operations, and we're here to reassure you: your trust in Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers and I/O modules is well placed, now and into the future.

At Opto 22, we know that designs and projects that incorporate SNAP PAC are more than just configurations of hardware and software; they are the lifeblood of your operations, which is why we are committed to ensuring that you can feel secure in your designs for the long haul. 


Consolidation of Brains and Controllers

Since the inception of SNAP I/O in 1996, there have been a variety of Ethernet brains and controllers, from SNAP B3000 to SNAP Ultimate I/O devices. Technology evolved, and so did SNAP—our latest SNAP PAC controllers and brains are faster and more powerful than ever.

In fact, today's SNAP-PAC-R1 controllers can perform nearly all of the functions of their predecessors and more! So in a move to simplify the product line and ensure long-term support (LTS) for SNAP systems, we’ve decided to consolidate all SNAP brains/controllers to a single device.

YES, the SNAP-PAC-R1 does it all, and Opto 22 has made a commitment: SNAP-PAC-R1s will continue to be in production for many years to come.

Resolved Supply Chain Issues

Yes indeed, SNAP PAC controllers and I/O modules are in stock and ready to ship today! SNAP PAC systems around the globe are part of mission-critical applications, so we always strive to maintain inventory on our shelves to satisfy orders on the day they are received.

Supply challenges over the last few years affected industries far and wide, and we weren’t immune to that. We’ve appreciated your continued support as a few critical raw materials held up some shipments, particularly on our SNAP analog input modules.

Through diligent planning, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to our customers, we have secured the necessary components to ensure reliable deliveries of SNAP modules and controllers for years to come. 

Comprehensive Migration Support Policy

Technology marches forward, and with it, so do the needs and complexities of industrial automation.  You’ve probably seen a lot of our blogs, articles, and video content focusing on our newer groov EPIC and groov RIO, and you might be wondering, “Will my SNAP PAC system work with all this new gear?” and “Are the SNAP products that I use today soon going to be obsolete?”

YES, they will work, and NO, they are not going obsolete!

And fear not: we have a comprehensive migration support policy designed to provide clarity as you navigate potential transitions. SNAP PAC systems fit seamlessly into groov systems, which not only support the same software tools as SNAP, but also support new and more modern IIoT software packages that weren’t included in SNAP PAC systems.

Looking Ahead

Our commitment to you, our valued SNAP PAC customers, remains stronger than ever. We are not just committed to maintaining the status quo; we are actively working to enhance and support your systems, ensuring they continue to meet the demands of modern industrial automation. You can feel secure in your SNAP designs, confident in our support, and optimistic about the future.

We understand the importance of clear, open communication and are here to answer any questions you may have about our long-term support strategy for SNAP PAC systems. Together, we will continue to achieve remarkable things.

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Written by Dan White

Dan has worked at Opto 22 for more than a decade. His Tufts Engineering background, MBA in International Business, and prior industrial controls experience give him a unique edge in automation. Dan enjoys staying active through biking, basketball, skiing – and keeping up with his three young kids!
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