Opto 22's groov RIO levels up in a major way with CODESYS

Posted by Dan White on Sep 5, 2023 12:33:42 PM

Here at Opto 22, we keep our ear to the ground on all things automation. When we heard the industry’s demand for a versatile I/O package, we responded—thus, groov RIO was born. Since then, we’ve upped the ante with tools for onboard control (enter: Node-Red and Python) and more communication methodologies (hey there, MQTT, OPC UA, and Ignition).

And with our latest advancement, we’ve really done it: added a sophisticated real-time engine.

Opto 22’s already ground-breaking compact IIoT-ready device with software-configurable I/O now has CODESYS, an IEC61131-3 compliant programming environment with all your favorite languages. Now, groov RIO is not only an I/O device—it's a full-on Edge PLC!



Well, imagine having a small, inexpensive, PoE-powered device that is not only versatile in its I/O (over 200,000 unique software-configurable combinations) but is also able to handle complex real-time control of PLC tasks.

You thought you loved your groov RIO before, and now you’ve got even greater…

  • Programmability: Ladder Diagram (LD), Structured Text (ST), and Function Block Diagram (FBD) are some of the more popular methods for PLC programming within CODESYS, a programming platform that adheres to the industry-standard programming languages in the IEC61131-3 specification and has access to all the groov RIO’s I/O.

  • Communication: From a comms standpoint, this is a slam-dunk. With groov RIO’s existing support of modern IIoT interfaceslike MQTT (SparkPlug 3.0 compliant), OPC UA, and a built-in RESTful APICODESYS provides quite the additional arsenal of communications inside a control engine with drivers for some of the most popular industry fieldbuses—Ethernet/IP, ProfiNET, and Modbus/TCP. Add that to CODESYS’ very own package of IIoT Libraries, and you have one of the most communication-capable devices in industrial automation. Heck, your groov RIO can even still support serial communication, if you were worried!

  • Versatility: Since groov RIO already has thousands of I/O options and Node-RED onboard (which can be handy for deploying UIs and myriad other tasks), the addition of the CODESYS programming suite puts this little device on a whole new playing field. It’s now an Edge Device, PLC, and HMIall in one affordable package.


We know, you’re itching to get started.

Here’s how:

  • Get your groov RIO. If you need to purchase one, don’t worry—the MM1 model is just $995. (Yes, it still has over 200,000 possible I/O configurations.)
  • If you already have a groov RIO, lucky you! All existing RIO customers can update to firmware 3.5.0 and gain this tremendous new feature.
  • Purchase the CODESYS license (GROOV-LIC-CRE-RIO) at a one-time cost of $100 from Opto 22 or an approved reseller.
  • Enable the CODESYS Controller on your device to unleash the power of a PLC on your groov RIO.


Interested in learning more about programming with CODESYS?

Check out these resources:

And again, don't forget to update your groov RIO to 3.5.0!

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-Dan White


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Written by Dan White

Dan has worked at Opto 22 for more than a decade. His Tufts Engineering background, MBA in International Business, and prior industrial controls experience give him a unique edge in automation. Dan enjoys staying active through biking, basketball, skiing – and keeping up with his three young kids!
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