OptoNews: Add context to your HMI with free SVG image library

Posted by Jean Femia on Nov 18, 2015 5:25:09 PM

SVG image library from Opto 22Have you discovered our secret cache of SVG images?

You can use these free images in your groov mobile operator interface or in other places where SVG (scalable vector graphics) files are supported.

Bring them into your interface and make them the size you need. Because they're SVG, they automatically scale, so they look good whether they're on a monitor or a smartphone.

The SVG image library includes a wide variety of illustrations: 

  • Field devices like pumps, compressors, motors, valves
  • Manufacturing and process control equipment like conveyors, tanks, hoppers, ovens, and machines
  • Sensors for temperature, flow, and level
  • HVAC and building control equipment like chillers, heaters, blowers, fans
  • Symbols like arrows, warning triangles, and much more

You can change all of these so their position and colors suit your interface. Reverse the tanker truck (or the dinosaur) so it heads right instead of left. Choose a prepared color scheme or make up your own. Hey, if you want a purple generator, you can make it here!

(Be careful how you use color in your interface, though. Want to know why crazy colors can be a problem? Read the white paper, Building an HMI that Works: New Best Practices for Operator Interface Design.)

In groov these illustrations provide context for your interface and can help your operators understand what they're looking at. And frankly, they're a lot of fun. Take a look at just some of your options:

SVG graphics library from Opto 22

See the SVG image library

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Written by Jean Femia

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