OptoNews: AMST controls coatings on tiny MEMS

Posted by Jean Femia on Jun 22, 2016 4:57:06 PM

How do you control coatings on a device the width of a human hair?

AMST's MVD300 molecular deposition systemIn today's world, ultra-tiny micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) provide key capabilities in phones, cars, drones, and medical sensors, just to name a few places.

MEMS manufacturers rely on Applied Microstructures (AMST) for specialized machines and processes to manufacture these parts, which continue to shrink in size.

When AMST analyzed controllers for their flagship molecular vapor deposition (MVD) system, they found they needed to:

  • Include built-in communication and networking flexibility
  • Save space in the system while providing options for future improvements
  • Provide customers with fast reconfiguration, to run different coating jobs and move parts into and through the process

Read how AMST met these needs in the new case study.

Read the case study

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Written by Jean Femia

Jean Femia writes about technical subjects and has focused on automation and control systems for more than 15 years. She likes learning about technology and taking corners in her Honda S2000.
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