OptoNews: Data from databases, online services in your groov mobile interface

Posted by Jean Femia on Jan 4, 2017 3:41:07 PM

groov Box and mobile operator interface on a smartphoneNew release adds Data Store device

With the new Data Store device in groov R3.3, you can put data into groov from anywhere—like a database, another device or systemand monitor or change it in your mobile operator interface. 

  • For example, your company’s SQL database could place production or maintenance data into a groov Data Store for managers or technicians to see in their interface. 
  • Or your supervisors or technicians who use groov View could enter production or service data for the database to pull in. 

You access the Data Store device through a new RESTful API (application program interface) for groov. Data is in standard JSON format.

That means you can use the programming tool of your choice to securely access data in a Data Store. You'll find complete API information from a link within groov Build (choose Help > groov Public API).

In the new groov release you'll also see some changes and improvements when managing accounts:

  • You can see and regenerate API keys for software users that need to access data in a Data Store.
  • If you have a long list of users, you can search to find the one you want.
  • You can now use simple icons to edit or delete users in the list.

groov R3.3 also includes bug fixes and enhancements. For complete details, see the groov App Readme

For more on using the new Data Store, see the groov Build and View User's Guide.

To get groov R3.3, log into manage.groov.com. Find your groov in the list and click Show to see updates for it. 

Get the groov R3.3 update

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