OptoNews Tip: Guide to Networking groov

Posted by Jean Femia on Feb 17, 2016 3:30:00 PM

Illustration from Guide to Networking groovYou already know that groov is the simple way to build your own mobile operator interface—your own mobile appso you can securely monitor and control your systems and equipment from a smartphone or tablet.

With groov it really is easy to build your interface and control who can use it.

But there's one part that can be more complicated: setting up your network so you can access the data you need while maintaining security for your systems. 

Our new Guide to Networking groov can help. It teaches you some basics about networking over wired Ethernet networks and wireless LANs. And it gives you guidelines to set up communications between your groov Box or Server and your automation or building systems and equipment.

You'll find information on IP addresses, gateway routers, VPNs and port forwarding, and a glossary of networking terms. 

Whether you want to use your mobile device inside your facility only, or be able to see data and control specific equipment over the Internet, this guide will help. 

Get the Guide to Networking groov.

Get Guide to Networking groov

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Written by Jean Femia

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