OptoNews: New board adds G4 power to SNAP HDD modules

Posted by Jean Femia on Jan 6, 2016 4:47:03 PM

SNAP-UDC-HDB-G4 breakout boardHow do you sense or switch loads up to 3 amps with each of the 32 points on a SNAP high-density digital (HDD) I/O module?

Here's how: the new SNAP-UDC-HDB-G4 breakout board.

Attach a SNAP 32-channel HDD input or output module to this board using a plug-in SNAP-HD-BF6 cable. Then mount up to 32 G4 modules on the board. 

The SNAP module now monitors and controls loads through the G4s, using their increased load capacity to handle up to 12 times the current per point, compared to what the SNAP module could do on its own. 

G4 modules on the board can be a mix of AC and DC, but they must be all inputs or all outputs, depending on the SNAP module they are connected to. Here are the modules to use with the new board:

  G4 modules SNAP modules
Outputs: 5 V, 15 V, or 24 V G4 modules SNAP-ODC-32-SNK
Inputs: 5 V G4 modules SNAP-IDC-32DN
15 V or 24 V G4 modules SNAP-IDC-32N

SNAP-UDC-HDB-G4 board with G4 modules (sold separately)The board provides spring-clamp terminals for easier field wiring.

At right the board is shown with the G4 modules mounted. All G4 modules are sold separately, and you can choose from a wide variety of inputs and outputs. 

See details and specs for the new breakout board.

See the new G4 breakout board

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