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Posted by Jean Femia on Jun 6, 2017 9:10:58 AM

groov Box with Node-RED includedWe've just released groov R3.4b, available now at manage.groov.com. The new release improves security for groov Build and groov View, so you won't want to miss it. 

groov Server for Windows - for mobile operator interfacesIt's a free update for any groov Box or groov Server that's activated and has a current license.

If you're not sure about your license, here's how to check. 

In groov Build, choose Configure > Licensing. Under License Type, you'll see your license expiration date. If the license is expired, just follow the link to manage.groov.com, and then log in to renew and get the latest version.

What's in the update? You can find out in the groov App Readme.

Get the update

To get the update, log into manage.groov.com. At the left of your groov in the list, click the Show button to see available downloads. Click the download with R3.4b in its filename and save it to your computer. 

Filename for groov Server:

groov Server for Windows update filename

Filename for groov Box:

groov Build & View update file for groov Box

If you have a groov Box, also check to make sure you have the latest version of groov Admin. If not, you can download it here, too. 

Install the update

For a groov Box:

1. Back up your groov project before updating (In Build, choose File > Backup Project to Computer.)
2. In Build, choose Configure > groov Admin and log in.
3. In the Quick Start menu, choose Update groov App. 
4. Click Choose File and locate the file you saved. Click Update.
5. Wait for the success message. 

If you also need to update groov Admin, click Quick Start in the left navigation bar. Click Update groov Admin and follow the same steps. Be sure you wait for the success message. For more information, see "Updating groov Admin" in the groov Box User's Guide

For groov Server for Windows:

1. Back up your groov project before updating (In Build, choose File > Backup Project to Computer.)
2. Double-click the update file you saved. 
3. Wait for the success message. 

As always, if you have any problems or questions, contact Opto 22 Product Support.

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