OptoNews: New releases for PAC Project, PAC firmware, & Node-RED for groov Box

Posted by Jean Femia on Aug 15, 2017 11:13:41 AM

We've recently released new versions for key products:

PAC Project Professional automation software suitePAC Project R9.6004 

PAC Project is Opto 22's automation software suite, used to program our SNAP PAC controllers, develop and run an HMI, and more. This release adds enhancements to PAC Display historical logging as well as bug fixes for PAC Display, PAC Control, and OptoDataLink. The PAC Project Readme describes the enhancements and fixes. 

To get the latest release:

1. Go to Support > Downloads, and filter on Application Software.
2. Click the file you want in the list, and then download and save it to your computer.  
3. Run the .exe file to install. 

PAC Firmware R9.5e

This firmware release applies to all SNAP PAC controllers. It includes an improvement for the RESTful API in SNAP PAC S-series and R-series controllers, plus bug fixes for PAC-S, PAC-R, and PAC Sim. See the PAC Firmware Readme for details.

To get the latest firmware:

1. Go to Support > Downloads, and filter on Firmware.
2. Click the file for your part number in the list, and then download and save it to your computer.
Or if you have several part numbers, you may find it easier to get the Single Download that includes all of them. 
4. Follow instructions in the PAC Manager User's Guide (Chapter 6, Maintaining Devices), to load the new firmware. We strongly recommend using the latest version of PAC Manager 9.6 to update the firmware on your SNAP PAC controllers and brains, especially the SNAP PAC R-series.

Opto 22 groov Box with Node-REDNode-RED for groov Box V4

Open-source IoT tool Node-RED is included in the groov Box. Periodically Node-RED is updated, and we update the software for the groov Box when a new release becomes stable.

Enhancements include a better Debug panel and editing for JSON, changes to Split and Join nodes, the ability to disable a node, and more. See the Node-RED for groov Box Readme for links to release details and for instructions to update your Box. 

To get your update:

1. Log into manage.groov.com.
2. In the Details column next to your groov Box, click Show.
3. Scroll down till you see Node-RED for groov Box, version 4. 
4. Click the filename to download it, and save the file to your computer. 
5. Follow steps in the Readme to update.


As always, if you have any questions or problems updating, be sure to contact Opto 22 Product Support. Product Support is free, and we're glad to help. 

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Written by Jean Femia

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