OptoNews: New UL approval for power supplies, brains, I/O

Posted by Jean Femia on Mar 30, 2016 3:35:06 PM

Several products you use or may need have just completed UL testing and are now UL recognized. You'll see them sporting the official UL logo.

The following have all been recently UL approved. 

SNAP I/O Modules

SNAP-OMR6T-C is UL approvedSNAP-AIMA-iH and SNAP-AOA-23-iH. Communicate with Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART®) current loop devices using these input and output modules.

SNAP-AOVA-8. A flexible 8-channel analog output module. Each point is individually configurable for any one of six voltage or current output ranges.

SNAP-OMR6T-C. Output to heavy loads with this sturdy digital output module. Four points each switch up to 250 VAC or 30 VDC, 6 amp loads. Use as normally open or normally closed; includes integrated transient suppression.

SNAP-SCM-232. Connect serial devices such as printers, scales, chart recorders, and barcode systems to an Ethernet network for control, monitoring, or data acquisition. Two channels of isolated RS-232 serial data.  

SNAP-SCM-485-422. A serial communication module for RS-485/422. Two isolated 2-wire ports, or one 4-wire port. 

SNAP-SCM-CAN2B. Transmit and receive data from devices on a Controller Area Network (CAN) using this communication module. Free integation kit.

SNAP-SCM-MCH16. Our motion control host module is a key part of the SNAP PAC Motion Control Subsystem for the SNAP PAC System. Works with a SNAP PAC and SNAP-SCM-BB4 motion breakout boards to control up to 16 stepper motors.

SNAP TEX Breakout Boards

SNAP-UDC-HDB. Small-footprint breakout board consolidates wiring for a 32-point SNAP high-density digital input or output module. Spring-clamp connectors for faster wiring.

SNAP-UDC-HDB-G4. Switch or monitor much larger loads through a 32-point SNAP I/O module by using this breakout board designed to hold G4 modules (sold separately). Mix AC and DC on the board.

SNAP-SCM-BB4. Another key part of the SNAP PAC Motion Control Subsystem; use up to four of these boards with the SNAP-SCM-MCH16.

Power Supplies

SNAP-PS24. Provide power for a SNAP PAC S-series controller or loop power for SNAP analog modules. 24 volts (0.75 amps) of DC power; requires a 120 VAC input. Includes a built-in fuse, an LED status indicator, and an ON/OFF power switch for ease of use.

SNAP-PS24U. Like the PS-24, but provides 24 volts (1.25 amps) of DC power and can use an input of 100–250 VAC, 47–63 Hz. Includes fuse, status LED, and ON/OFF switch.

SNAP-PS5. Compact, sturdy power supply (120 VAC input) provides 5 VDC power for loads up to 4 amps. Ideal for powering SNAP racks. Built-in fuse, status LED, and ON/OFF switch.

SNAP-PS5U. This supply has a 100-250 VAC input and provides 5 VDC power for loads up to 5 amps. Built-in fuse, LED status indicator, and ON/OFF switch.

SNAP-PS5-24DC. A DC-to-DC power supply ideal for systems using DC backup power. Requires a 24 VDC input and provides 5 VDC power for loads up to 4 amps. Includes fuse, status LED, and ON/OFF switch.

Controllers & Brains

SNAP-PAC-R1. Get control, communication, and I/O processing in a compact, rack-mounted package with this programmable automation controller. Seriously, you've got to read all the specs to see how versatile this PAC is. Free flowchart-based control and HMI software. Includes counting and advanced digital functions.

SNAP-PAC-R1-B. Same as the PAC-R1, only this controller fits on legacy B-series racks to update your older SNAP systems.

SNAP-PAC-R1-W. Want to use wireless? This Wired+Wireless™ PAC-R1 offers both wired Ethernet and wireless LAN interfaces. Racks, I/O modules, and programming are the same no matter which communication network you use. 

SNAP-PAC-R2. Rack-mounted control, communication, and I/O processing for analog, serial, and digital I/O. Perfect if you don't need counting or advanced digital functions. Does everything else a SNAP-PAC-R1 does, only for less. See the specs!

SNAP-PAC-R2-W. The Wired+Wireless version of the PAC-R2 gives you the choice of wired Ethernet or wireless LAN communications. No programming, field wiring, or hardware changes.

SNAP-PAC-EB1. Intelligent distributed control is yours with this full-featured brain (I/O and communications processor). Process analog, serial, and digital I/O on the same rack. Use with a SNAP PAC S-series or R-series controller or as intelligent remote I/O with Allen-Bradley PLC systems. Includes counting and advanced digital functions.

SNAP-PAC-EB1-W. Wired+Wireless EB1 brain has both wired Ethernet and wireless LAN interfaces: your choice. All the features of the SNAP-PAC-EB1 plus wireless.

SNAP-PAC-EB2. Distributed intelligence in the brain reduces load on the controller and makes sure local processes are not interrupted. All the features of the SNAP-PAC-EB2 except for counting and advanced digital functions.

SNAP-PAC-EB2-W. Wired+Wireless version of the EB2 brain for flexible networking. 

See all UL-approved Opto 22 products in the UL Approval Document

See all UL-approved products

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