OptoNews: Now sense & switch industrial loads with your Raspberry Pi

Posted by Jean Femia on Nov 30, 2016 4:08:05 PM

Opto 22 Digital I/O Carrier Board for Raspberry PiDid you ever think a Raspberry Pi® could monitor or control real-world electrical loads like industrial motors, sensors, and pumps?

Well, now it can!

The new Digital I/O Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi (part number OPTO-P1-40P) makes it possible.

Plug the carrier board's interface cable into your Pi's 40-pin GPIO connector, and snap the board onto a compatible Opto 22 I/O mounting rack (see table below).

Then choose the industrial quality Opto 22 digital I/O modules you need for whatever you want to do.

Opto 22 Digital G4 I/O system for Raspberry PiUse your favorite Pi-supported programming language (Python, Node-RED, Pi Terminal, Pi Filesystem GPIO, or others). Code samples are on developer.opto22.com

Your Pi with industrial I/O is perfect for prototyping, proofs of concept, and environments in which an industrially hardened controller is not required.

Opto 22 Digital SNAP I/O system for Raspberry Pi

Compatible digital I/O families and racks (G4 or SNAP recommended):

Family Racks Number/type of modules
8 single-channel I/O modules
16 single-channel I/O modules
SNAP I/O SNAP-D4M 4 four-channel I/O modules
Quad Pak PB16HQ 4 four-channel I/O modules
4 single-channel I/O modules
16 single-channel I/O modules

For lots more information and a list of compatible G4 and SNAP I/O, see Now you can have your Raspberry Pi...and industrial I/O, too.

See I/O module list

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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Written by Jean Femia

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