OptoNews: Opto 22 partners with IBM Watson IoT

Posted by Jean Femia on Mar 15, 2017 4:35:22 PM

Opto 22 is an IBM Registered Business Partner, Ready for IBM Watson IoTWhat could cognitive computing do for you?

Cognitive computing involves analyzing huge quantities of data and spotting correlations and patterns that are valuable—similar to what a human brain can do. But computers can analyze lots more data, much faster. 

So predictive analytics and data analysis through cognitive computing can do things like:

  • Anticipate part failure and order replacement parts before there's a problem
  • Determine safer ways for technicians and operators to work  
  • Improve manufacturing efficiency against a standard
  • And much more

Opto 22 I/O, PACs, and groov connect industrial equipment to IBM Watson IoT PlatformThe IBM® Watson IoT Platform is a great way to get started, providing cloud-based analytics for your data. And since Opto 22 is now an IBM Watson IoT partner, you have an end-to-end toolset to connect your existing equipment to IBM Watson.

  • Opto 22 SNAP I/O connects directly to your sensors and equipment, converting their electrical signals into the digital data computers understand. 
  • Our SNAP PAC programmable automation controllers not only provide local I/O control and edge data processing, but also include a RESTful API for exchanging data with cloud services like IBM Watson IoT. 
  • Opto 22's groov lets you easily visualize and interact with your system from anywhere, using a simple operator interface on your smartphone or tablet. So when Watson IBM IoT spots a problem and a work order is sent out, your technician gets it right away. 

 Want to see how it works? Watch our video, Get real-world data into the cloud with IBM Watson IoT.  

Watch the video

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Written by Jean Femia

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