OptoNews Tip: Archive your PAC Project files!

Posted by Jean Femia on Jun 22, 2016 4:56:11 PM

pc_and_flash_250x188.jpgSometimes a customer calls asking if we can help them recover their unarchived PAC Control strategy from an Opto 22 controller, or recover a PAC Display project. 

The answer in both cases is no.

Of course that means your strategy and project are secure. If you can't get them and we can't get them, nobody else can, either.

But here's the point: you need to archive your files. 

Right now, before you update to the latest PAC Project or PAC firmware release, before your PC's hard drive crashes or some other major crisis occurs, set up a sound backup program.

For PAC Control, archive the strategy to the PC (File > Archive Strategy). The archive is a zipped file with everything needed for the strategy. Also consider archiving the strategy to the controller (File > Strategy Options). If you archive to the controller, know that anyone with access to the controller can recover the strategy. For more on archiving, see the PAC Control User's Guide.

For PAC Display, archive the project to the PC (File > Archive Project). Again, the archive is a zipped file containing everything you need.

Finally, here's the most important step: Back up all PAC Control and PAC Display zipped archives, as well as Qlarity Foundry folders on the PC, to a USB flash drive or other medium—and store the backup in a secure location away from your office.

Remember: If you haven't backed it up and your hard drive crashes, we can't help. There's no way to recover it from your controller. So back it up now, while you're thinking about it.

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Written by Jean Femia

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