OptoNews Tip: Find warranty and agency approval info for Opto 22 products

Posted by Jean Femia on Apr 28, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Suppose you're spec'ing a system and you know that one location will require Factory Mutual-approved I/O. Which Opto 22 SNAP I/O modules have FM approval?

Or suppose the products you purchase must be UL approved, or meet certain European Union (CE) standards. 

What if you just want to know what the warranty period is for a specific Opto 22 part?

Of course you can check individual products. The product's page on our website shows you symbols of agency approvals for the product. For example, you can see in the image below that the SNAP-AIMA analog current input module meets standards for UL, FM, CE, RoHS, and DFARS.

Also on this product page, you can click the Specifications tab to see both warranty and agency approval information (typically near the bottom of the specs table). And specifications are also in the product's data sheet, which you can download from the page. 

Find agency approval symbols on an Opto 22 website product page


But if you're looking at more than one part number, a faster way to check is in the Support section of our website. Here's how.

Warranty information

On the Opto 22 website, click the Support tab and then click Warranties. You can read warranty details there if you like, but to see the warranty period for each one of our products, click List of part numbers and their warranties

Agency Approval information

On the Opto 22 website, click the Support tab and then click Agency Approvals. Here you'll find all the documents pertaining to approvals and compliance.

Most of these documents list the specfic part numbers that apply. For example, the UL Approval Document lists all Opto 22 part numbers that are Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved. Here are the documents that appear on the Agency Approvals page:

FM Approval Document 
CSA Approval Document 
UL Approval Document 

RoHS Compliance Documents:
RoHs Statement of Compliance - Industrial Control & Monitoring Instruments
RoHs Statement of Compliance - Lead-Free Products  
California RoHS Statement of Compliance - Industrial Control and Monitoring Instruments 

European Union (CE) Declarations:
Low Voltage  

Other Documents:
Conflict Minerals Policy Statement
REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) Statement of Compliance  
DFARS Statement of Compliance

Opto 22 Product Support Engineers are happy to help


Questions? Give us a call.

As always, if you've checked these documents and still have any questions, be sure to contact Opto 22 Product Support. We're happy to help!


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