OptoNews tip: PAC Control Communication Handles

Posted by Jean Femia on Nov 18, 2015 5:24:29 PM


Do you use communication handles in your PAC Control strategy?

Or are you thinking, "What's a communication handle?"

In either case, this tip is for you.

A communication handle is a powerful type of variable in PAC Control. You'll use it for three main reasons:

  • To communicate with serial devices, either through a PAC controller's serial ports or through a serial module on the rack
  • To communicate with another Ethernet device, like an inexpensive webcam, an LED sign, or a wireless thermostat
  • To read, write, or update a file that's located on your SNAP PAC controller, its microSD card, the PC or network where SoftPAC is running, or an FTP server your controller can access

Opto 22 Director of Training Mary St. John explains communication handles in a PAC Control 101 post on the OptoForum.

Communication handles are powerful and can be complex. Whether you're new to them or already use them, you'll especially want to see Mary's examples and her detailed suggestions for debugging and error checking.

Read about communication handles

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Written by Jean Femia

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