OptoNews: Updated PAC firmware R9.4c released

Posted by Jean Femia on Dec 16, 2015 4:55:06 PM

Updated firmware for SNAP PAC S-series controllersWe've just released PAC firmware version R9.4c.

This updated firmware is for SNAP PAC controllers (S-series, R-series, and SoftPAC), SNAP PAC brains (Ethernet and serial), and G4EB2 and G4D32EB2 brains. 

PAC firmware R9.4c:

  • Improves response time when successive TCP requests are made to the memory map, scratch pad, or I/O points on the OptoMMP port (2001)
  • Enforces HART preambles limit of 5 to 20 for SNAP HART I/O modules
  • Resolves several issues
  • Includes a new memory map address to support the SNAP-AIRATE-HFi high-speed analog rate input module. This module returns a 32-bit value, so the new address supplies an Out Of Range Value (32-Bit) to accommodate the larger value. If the input is outside the module's input range (or the field signal is disconnected), the default of -2147483648 is returned. Most other analog modules use the Out Of Range Value (16-Bit) address.
For complete information on changes and fixed issues, see the PAC Firmware R9.4c Readme

Download PAC firmware R9.4c.

Download PAC firmware

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Written by Jean Femia

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