SNAP PAC to groov EPIC - is it time?

Posted by Janice Colmer on Nov 9, 2021 4:01:42 PM

Opto 22's updated technical note helps current SNAP PAC users decide if, when, and how to migrate to the newer groov EPIC system.

SNAP PAC to EPICOpto 22 customers have been relying on the SNAP PAC system for their controls and automation applications for almost 15 years. But now you keep hearing about the new technology of the groov EPIC system.

How is it different?

Should you make the switch?

What would be the benefits of upgrading, and what issues would arise from making the change?

These are typical questions asked of our pre-sales engineering team, and we typically refer users to our technical note that provides some detailed explanations: Migrating from SNAP PAC to groov EPIC.

Our documentation team has recently updated this guide to include both EPIC options (GRV-EPIC-PR1 or GRV-EPIC-PR2) and address cybersecurity concerns.

Why should you make the switch?

The groov EPIC (Edge Programmable Industrial Controller) can add a range of new capabilities to your existing SNAP PAC system so that collecting, processing, displaying, and exchanging data becomes much easier.

The tech note covers the different migration paths available:

  • Adding an EPIC as your primary controller and keeping existing SNAP PAC I/O units as remote I/O
  • Using the EPIC as remote I/O within a SNAP PAC system
  • Adopting the EPIC for its many capabilities but not using it for I/O

The technical note also explains the specification differences between SNAP I/O and groov I/O. And you'll get an overview of features in the available HMIs: groov View vs. PAC Display.

Before deciding about migrating to groov EPIC, you'll want to spend some time reviewing the comparison chart (page 5) to see the similarities and differences between your current controller and a groov EPIC processor.

Remember we're always here to help you decide and to make the transition as simple as possible. Contact our pre-sales engineering team for any additional questions or concerns you might have.


And rest assured, Opto 22 Product Support is still committed to the SNAP PAC System, including any customers who aren't looking to migrate their systems yet.

Our simple philosophy is to keep manufacturing our products as long as we can, and keep supporting our products as long as you own them.

Let us know when you're ready... Until then, keep calm and groov on!


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Written by Janice Colmer

Janice has worked at Opto 22 for more than 16 years and is part of the marketing team that strives to share new and relevant content with the automation industry. She enjoys books, camping, country music, and spending time with family and friends.
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