Sparkplug is now an International Standard ISO/IEC 20237:2023

Posted by Dan White on Dec 5, 2023 8:07:59 AM

The Eclipse Foundation recently announced the Sparkplug international standard achievement.

Sparkplug, the MQTT specification that enhances the way your Opto 22 groov systems communicate and operate, has achieved the ISO/IEC 20237:2023 International Standard Status. It’s a significant milestone in the IIoT world, particularly for Opto 22 and our users. As you know, Opto 22 adopted Sparkplug years ago because of its reliability, efficiency, and plug-and-play functionality in modern IIoT architectures. It’s nice to see the rest of the industry accepting and adopting this groundbreaking tech.


Opto 22 Products and Sparkplug Compatibility

If you’ve already got a groov EPIC, RIO, or EMU, you have everything you need to leverage hardware that's fully compatible with Sparkplug's new standard. Check out the full range of compatible hardware on Sparkplug's compatibility page. If you’re already using MQTT Sparkplug on your groov system, great news–you won’t need to change anything. If you aren’t, that means it’s time to learn: check out our MQTT resources page.

On the software side, a myriad of modern MQTT software has native Sparkplug support, and they’ve all been tested and approved to use with any groov device. One in particular, Inductive Automation’s Ignition, even runs onboard groov EPIC and groov RIO MM2.

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Sparkplug's Standard and Your Operations

The new International Standard status of Sparkplug 3.0 is more than an industry accolade; it's a testament to its value in the IIoT landscape, something we at Opto 22 recognized and embraced early on. This standardization not only validates our choice to integrate Sparkplug into our groov products, but also paves the way for more streamlined, efficient, and secure operations across the industrial sector. 

As the IIoT landscape evolves, Opto 22 remains committed to providing you with the most advanced, standards-compliant solutions, ensuring your digital transformation journey is both successful and future-proof.

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Written by Dan White

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