OptoNews: New video case study - Vista delivers water through technology

Posted by Jean Femia on Sep 28, 2016 4:27:19 PM

Vista Irrigation District, near San Diego in Southern California, is no stranger to change. 

For nearly 100 years the district has provided reliable water to farm and residential customers—through population growth, drought years, and changes in land use.

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Topics: Case studies, Videos, Water & wastewater, optonews, Integrators, OptoNews 2016-09-28

OptoNews: New Opto iPAC/aPAC mobile app release (R1.50)

Posted by Jean Femia on Sep 28, 2016 4:26:18 PM

Do you use Opto iPAC or Opto aPAC on your phone or tablet to commission and troubleshoot Opto 22 systems? With these mobile apps, you can:

  • Automatically discover Opto 22 systems on your network
  • Change point status or variable values from your phone, wirelessly
  • Create watch lists to monitor

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Topics: Updates, Machine builder, optonews, PACs, OEM, Integrators, I/O, mobile, OptoNews 2016-09-28

OptoNews: World of Technology & Science coming to Utrecht

Posted by Jean Femia on Sep 28, 2016 4:25:14 PM

Join us in Utrecht, Netherlands, next week and explore the World of Technology & Science (WOTS) Exhibition. This is the technological venue for everyone in the industrial, science, and healthcare fields.

OptoDistributor Mulder-Hardenberg will welcome you there at stand 10F051 and demonstrate: 

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Topics: groov, Internet of Things, IoT, optonews, PACs, Events & conferences, API, REST API, RESTful server, REST, OptoNews 2016-09-28

OptoNews Tip: PID loop with a long dead loop time

Posted by Jean Femia on Sep 28, 2016 4:24:57 PM

OptoForum member tohox recently posted a question about using PID control loops on a SNAP-PAC-R1 rack-mounted controller.

The issue? A really long dead loop time. 

"The time delta between the moment the strategy opens a given loop's valve [and] starts the pump+furnace and the moment a temperature increase is measured can sometimes be on the order of an hour," tohox notes.

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Topics: Energy management, Tips, optonews, PACs, I/O, Building management, Modbus, PID loop control, OptoNews 2016-09-28

OptoNews: New IoT resources page answers your questions

Posted by Jean Femia on Sep 14, 2016 4:08:08 PM

What is the Internet of Things (IoT) and what is it good for?

Is anybody actually using it yet for real applications?

Here's a page of resources to answer some of your questions: The Internet of Things.

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Topics: Energy management, Videos, Internet of Things, Remote monitoring, IoT, optonews, OptoNews 2016-09-14

OptoNews: New face for SNAP I/O modules

Posted by Jean Femia on Sep 14, 2016 4:07:11 PM

When you buy a new SNAP I/O module today, you may find that the printing on it looks a little different from ones you already have.

Don't be concerned; there's no difference in how the module functions.

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Topics: optonews, I/O, OptoNews 2016-09-14

OptoNews: Don't miss these September trade shows

Posted by Jean Femia on Sep 14, 2016 4:06:09 PM

We're looking forward to seeing you at one of these shows!

Learn about the newest technology in factory, process, and building automation, and take advantage of networking and business development opportunities.

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Topics: Process control, Discrete control, groov, Remote monitoring, IoT, optonews, PACs, Events & conferences, I/O, OptoNews 2016-09-14

OptoNews Tip: Changes to PID algorithms

Posted by Jean Femia on Sep 14, 2016 4:05:36 PM

A proportional integral derivative (PID) control loop monitors an input or process variable, compares the variable’s current value to a desired value (a setpoint), and calculates an output to keep the value very close to the setpoint.

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Topics: Process control, Updates, Tips, optonews, PAC Project, Building management, OptoNews 2016-09-14

OPC and MQTT in the IIoT

Posted by Matt Newton on Sep 9, 2016 2:40:40 PM

We've talked about some technologies, like edge computing and RESTful APIs, that reduce system architecture complexity for the Internet of Things (IoT) or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

Reducing complexity is essential to making the IIoT work, especially for getting data from existing sensors, equipment, and devices that are functioning fine in the field but have no built-in IoT capabilities.

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Topics: Internet of Things, Remote monitoring, IoT, PACs

OptoNews: Operators monitor refrigeration remotely

Posted by Jean Femia on Aug 31, 2016 4:28:14 PM

Tasty and wholesome, the frozen fruit bars made by Natural Fruit Corporation must be stored at precise temperatures.

Although their cold storage rooms were automated, on weekends operators used to have to stop by the company's factory to verify that systems were running and temperatures were within range.

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Topics: Energy management, Case studies, Food & beverage, groov, Internet of Things, Remote monitoring, IoT, optonews, Building management, OptoNews 2016-08-31

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