OptoNews: groov Box creates its own WiFi network

Posted by Jean Femia on Mar 4, 2015 4:27:00 PM

groov Box becomes a WiFi access point with Netis antenna

Here's a cool new feature for your groov Box, available now: you can create your own private groov WiFi network with WPA2-PSK security.

That's right, the new groov Admin v1.570.39 includes a SoftAP option for GROOV-AR1 and GROOV-AR1-SNAP.

So even if there's no wireless network available, when you're close to the groov Box you can still connect your mobile device to groov and securely use the operator interface you've built.

SoftAP can be used by any WiFi-capable device—phone, tablet, laptop, or anything else that uses WiFi. Your groov Box can also be connected to an Ethernet network (or two); the SoftAP network is separate from any existing network.

This new feature is a cost saver for OEMs and machine builders, and for remote installations where no network is in place or where cellular network costs are high. 

Machine builders and OEMs can include a groov Box with SoftAP and provide local access to machine data through the groov mobile app. Or you can use an off-the-shelf tablet as a fixed operator interface for your machine. Because the unit is self-contained, there's no impact on existing IT networks in customer facilities.

Remote installations may have no network, or data may be very expensive. A groov Box with WiFi can add local visibility to systems and equipment while saving capital outlay and continuing costs.

Also, remember that the groov Box segments equipment from mobile users, so there is no direct connection. Users can see and control only what you allow them to through the interface you build and the permissions you give them.

A couple of notes:

  • You will need a Netis WF2119S or Netis WF2116 WiFi network adapter to use SoftAP. See Appendix D in the groov Box User's Guide for installation steps, and see chapter 4 for configuration.
  • This feature is available on GROOV-AR1 and GROOV-AR1-SNAP. It is not available on the older GROOV-AT1 boxes.

In addition to WiFi capability, the new groov Admin release also includes security enhancements and improvements to the way you get and use certificates.

Could a groov Box help you?  

See groov Box description & specifications  

Get the free groov Admin update

If you already have a groov Box and your maintenance agreement is up to date, you can get the groov Admin update free of charge:

1. Go to manage.groov.com and log in.
2. In the Details column for your groov Box, click Show.
3. Click the groov Admin 1.570.39 file.
4. Save the file to your computer.
5. Install the update. For help, see "Updating groov Admin" in the groov Box User's Guide.

OptoNews March 4, 2015 - Read more in this issue:

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