CODESYS Tech Talk Fall 2023 Recap

Posted by Dan White on Oct 25, 2023 8:39:34 AM

Opto 22's Fall 2023 CODESYS Tech Talk featured an innovative solution from Costa Farms using groov RIO and the CODESYS runtime engine.

Opto faithful! Did you catch CODESYS Tech Talk Fall 2023, a unique event dedicated exclusively to CODESYS users in North America? This five-day virtual extravaganza was jam-packed with discussions on the latest innovations in control systems engineering from a number of CODESYS partners. 

The Tech Talk provided a golden opportunity for engineers like myself to dive deep into new and emerging technologies to share with CODESYS users. We highlighted a recent use case from longtime Opto 22 customer Costa Farms—a leading global horticulture company, renowned for its diverse range of high-quality plants and innovative gardening solutions.

Demystifying CODESYS on groov RIO

One of the highlights of our presentation was showing how the CODESYS runtime engine integrates with our versatile groov RIO device. If you've been following our blog, you'll remember the post where we delved into this. The addition of CODESYS has transformed groov RIO into a full-fledged Edge PLC, opening up a world of possibilities for automation and control.

During the Tech Talk, I demonstrated the ease of using CODESYS on groov RIO, demystifying the process and showing just how accessible it is (even for those of you new to the platform). My goal: empower you with the knowledge and confidence to implement this powerful combination in your own operations.


A Glimpse into Real-World Applications: Costa Farms' Success Story

We were fortunate to have Paul Rodrigues, a Process Engineer from Costa Farms, join us to share his firsthand experience using groov RIO with CODESYS onboard in the latest 3.5 firmware. Paul highlighted the device's flexible I/O, emphasizing its adaptability in various settings, which is a game-changer for industries like theirs with diverse needs. Costa was already using groov RIOs across their facilities, but the introduction of CODESYS opened up even more possibilities.

In this application, Costa Farms leveraged groov RIO with CODESYS to monitor and manage product movement on a conveyor system. The system counts and tracks the products for now, but Costa Farms has future plans to expand even further. The next phase of the project will add functionality to throttle the conveyor speed based on product flow—showcasing groov RIO’s ability to evolve as operational needs change, or in this case increase.


Key Takeaways and Looking Ahead

The CODESYS Tech Talk was an invaluable platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and insights into the future of automation. The integration of CODESYS with groov RIO marks a significant step forward, offering a compact, powerful, and flexible solution for a wide range of applications.

As we wrapped up the event, it was clear that the future of automation is bright, with innovative solutions like groov RIO and CODESYS leading the way. We're excited about the possibilities this opens up for you and the industry as a whole.

Stay tuned to the OptoBlog for more updates, insights, and stories from the world of automation. Until next time, keep automating and innovating!

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Written by Dan White

Dan has worked at Opto 22 for more than a decade. His Tufts Engineering background, MBA in International Business, and prior industrial controls experience give him a unique edge in automation. Dan enjoys staying active through biking, basketball, skiing – and keeping up with his three young kids!
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