Engineering Ideas Clinic at the University of Waterloo

Posted by Arun Sinha on Apr 13, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Industrial automation hub brings the real-world into the classroom for students

Though I have the highest regard for the university where I received my engineering degree, I felt the curriculum was more theoretical than practical. I was steeped in differential equations and engineering mathematics and didn’t actually have a design project or build anything until my senior year.

I recall in a fluid mechanics class a student asked the professor to give us a “real-world example” of the topic being discussed. The professor, who was a world-renowned researcher and academic, but had not worked in industry, replied as he drew on the blackboard, “sure...imagine an infinite blob in three dimensions…” In my case, I survived because I took matters into my own hands and worked part-time at a factory, and later at an engineering firm as a student.

U of Waterloo Industrial Automation HubAt the University of Waterloo, it is clear that they believe in “learning by doing”.  In this case study from Inductive Automation, Chris Rennick, Engineering Education Developer at the University of Waterloo shares the work being done at their Engineering Ideas Clinic. Systems integration firm Brock Solutions has partnered with the University to set up an Industrial Automation Hub where students can get hands-on experience solving real- world problems. Have a look at these bright young minds at work.


Along with Brock Solutions and Inductive Automation, Opto 22 is proud to help support this great effort to give practical education to the industrial automation workforce of the future. 


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Written by Arun Sinha

Arun is an engineer with over 30 years experience including instrumentation, controls & automation. He enjoys work, golf, music, movies, sports, playing guitar, friends & family, and fine cigars.
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