Get ready for groov RIO 3.0

Posted by Ben Orchard on Dec 1, 2020 8:03:11 AM

Hot on the heels of our recent groov EPIC 3.0 firmware release comes our groov RIO 3.0.1 firmware update.

There are at least 5 exciting additions in this RIO 3.0.1 package, but who's counting?

TL;DR: If you can't wait to get started, here’s the groov RIO Firmware download page to get your firmware update:

groov RIO 3.0LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) – This will enable your RIO to connect to your existing LDAP server (like Windows Active Directory) and authenticate user accounts. In short, your IT department can configure an LDAP server and its settings in groov Manage. Once complete, you’ll be able to log into RIO with your corporate account credentials. This LDAP support makes managing your company-wide collection of RIOs much easier and even more secure.

Secure Shell (Yes, SSH for RIO!) – You can now get a free shell license (GRV-LIC-SHELL) and apply it to your groov RIO. This is perfect for running your own custom Python code right on the RIO, for example.

Node-RED – The big news here is that any Node-RED nodes you have installed will be automatically backed up going forward. Then, any future firmware updates will restore your nodes back into your Node-RED project. This is also ideal for RIO installations that don’t have a gateway to the Internet. Node-RED also gets a version bump from 1.0.3 to 1.1.3, and groov Manage now accurately reports the Node-RED runtime status.

Thermistors – As if groov RIO was not configurable enough already, we added yet another signal type: the popular and affordable thermistor! This brings the number of unique I/O combinations to well over 100,000.

PID – We added an elegant user interface to let you manage all four PID loops right in groov Manage, including real-time view of channels, and trending for your PID loops right from your web browser. In short, groov RIO is now a powerful little standalone 4-loop controller.

Additional USB Wifi Adaptor Support – We heard about issues getting supported Wi-Fi adaptors, particularly for some of you outside the USA. So, we added a new driver for the more widely available Netis WF2190 long range USB Wi-Fi adapter.

MQTT – We added support for long and unique broker URLs, and added an MQTT log for troubleshooting MQTT communications to a broker.

Finally, we added a public API for the USB drive unmount command and the scratch pad area.

So, if you were counting, there are more than 5 solid features added with this firmware update. But as I said, who's counting?


Cheers, mate! -Ben

Topics: Firmware, PID loop control, Node-RED, MQTT, secure shell, groov RIO, LDAP

Written by Ben Orchard

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