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Posted by Josh Eastburn on Aug 10, 2020 9:48:32 AM

See what people are up to with Opto 22’s new edge I/O module.

groov RIO has been available for a few months, and people are already surprising us with how they’re putting it to work. Here are a few of the amazing examples we’ve seen from our early adopters.

“RIO gets me I/O on the edge… that isn’t a PLC”
-- Doug Yerger, Principal Engineer

Industry: Material Handling

Application: Granular temperature monitoring for intelligent automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS)

Solution: Grantek used groov RIO to design an efficient, easy-to-install system that collects temperature data across an entire warehouse and delivers it directly into their customer’s Ignition SCADA system using MQTT. They leveraged groov RIO’s power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, so the system can scale affordably without power supplies or PLCs to add to the cost of labor and configuration.

Automated storage and retrieval systemImage source: directindustry.com


Leuze - Brazil (SI)Leuze
“RIO is really, really, really easy to get online.”
-- Felipe Villas Boas, Application Engineer

Industry: Plastics manufacturing

Application: Collect performance data from 80 different pieces of standalone equipment and move them into a central database for analysis

Solution: Since these units lacked any comms interfaces, Leuze’s applications team developed a solution using groov RIO to read I/O directly from each unit, process the signals in Node-RED, and transmit the data to the company database. Done! In addition to that, with groov RIO’s internal and external storage options, they can buffer data locally in case the database connection is lost for any reason.

Image source: manufacturing.net

“Where EPIC scales vertically, RIO scales horizontally beautifully.”
-- Loren West, CTO

Industry: Agriculture

Application: Indoor farming control and business intelligence product

Solution: MicroClimates sells groov RIO as a Modbus microcontroller, packaged with onboard control software and a mobile HMI developed in Node-RED. For as little as $1000, their customers can add automated control of LED lights, environmental sensors, nutrient pumps, and more, using power over Ethernet to grow their automation incrementally as their operations expand.

Image courtesy of MicroClimates

Each groov RIO module also sends data to a local business intelligence server, which acts as the remote gateway to MicroClimates’s cloud systems, allowing users to manage multiple sites from anywhere.


Optomation SystemsOptomation
“RIO has the resolution they need without having to calibrate over and over.”
-- George Mitchell, Technical Director

Industry: Automotive Manufacturing

Application: Integrated assembly line calibration test and reporting system

Solution: Optomation designed a rechargeable mobile test harness that uses groov RIO to capture readings from vehicle sensors, simulate outputs to the vehicle dashboard, and display and record test procedures through a mobile interface. groov RIO reports the results to a quality control database located in Italy and to an off-site production database in Spain.

Image courtesy of Optomation Systems


Edge I/O opens up new possibilities for automation that pave the way to a more connected future. What could groov RIO do for you?


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Written by Josh Eastburn

After 12 years as an automation engineer working in the semiconductor, petrochemical, food and beverage, and life sciences industries, Josh Eastburn works with the engineers at Opto 22 to understand the needs of tomorrow's customers.
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