New videos: Introducing Ignition Edge on the groov Box

Posted by Jean Femia on Dec 20, 2017 6:00:00 AM

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groov Edge Appliance, now with Ignition Edge onboard

We now call it the groov Edge Appliance, and here's why.

When we first introduced the groov Box, it was a simple, quick way to build a custom operator interface to your control system—an interface you could use securely on your phone or tablet, as well as on a computer. 

But groov has matured and grown. Now the groov Edge Appliance meets your industrial internet of things (IIoT) goals by including three key features:

      • Visualization—groov View for building and viewing operator interfaces
      • Data handling—Node-RED for creating simple logic flows to acquire and move data
      • Connectivity—Ignition Edge® from Inductive Automation® for connectivity using OPC UA and MQTT/Sparkplug 

Ignition Edge is the latest addition, and these new Ignition Edge videos show you how to get started with its built-in OPC-UA server and Allen-Bradley® drivers, plus how to set up MQTT for efficient data transfer.

You can explore these new features for a free two-hour trial (repeatable); with a groov Enterprise license you can use them fully.  

Watch groov with Ignition Edge videos

So what does Ignition Edge in the groov Box let you do? 

  • Get data from Allen-Bradley and Siemens® S7 PLCs and Modbus®/TCP devices without disturbing existing systems.
  • Securely move that data to spreadsheets, databases, and other software, including cloud-based analytics software like IBM® Watson and others.
  • View and change the data (as authorized) in a groov View or Ignition interface. 
  • Use the message queue telemetry transport (MQTT) protocol with Sparkplug messaging, designed for efficient industrial data transfer. 

Learn more about Ignition Edge in the groov Box.

Watch the videos.

And how about Node-RED?

We have videos for Node-RED, too. Watch the Node-RED workshop videos and learn:

  • Fundamentals
  • Best practices
  • How to use advanced nodes
  • How to send email
  • And more

Watch Node-RED videos

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Written by Jean Femia

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