Opto 22 responds to inquiries regarding URGENT/11

Posted by Benson Hougland on Aug 7, 2019 1:18:01 PM

padlockThe recent announcement of security vulnerabilities discovered in the Wind River® VxWorks® IPnet TCP/IP stack has prompted questions from Opto 22 customers about what impact this discovery may have on TCP/IP-based products developed and manufactured by Opto 22.

Opto 22 would like to reassure our customers that, after careful and thorough review, we can state that none of our hardware or software products contain the VxWorks IPnet TCP/IP stack or variants of that software and are, therefore, not directly exposed to any attacks that might target these vulnerabilities. This statement applies to the recent Opto 22 product family groov EPIC® (edge programmable industrial controller), the groov® Edge Appliance (groov Box), the SNAP PAC® System, and SNAP Ethernet I/O® products.

These security vulnerabilities, dubbed URGENT/11 by Armis, an enterprise IoT security firm that made the discoveries, have far-reaching implications and affect an extremely large array of industrial, medical, and enterprise environments. These include mission-critical systems such as SCADA, industrial controllers, PLCs, PACs, and more. Other systems outside traditional industrial devices like patient monitors and MRI machines, as well as firewalls, routers, modems, VOIP phones, and printers are also affected.For specific information about the eleven CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) related to the URGENT/11 discovery, please visit Wind River’s webpage: https://www.windriver.com/security/announcements/tcp-ip-network-stack-ipnet-urgent11/

Due to the fundamental design of industrial controllers and how they connect to a wide range of devices, some may confuse firmware vulnerabilities such as URGENT/11 with better known viruses and malicious software we frequently hear about. It is important to understand that only the devices that have embedded the affected IPnet TCP/IP stack are subject to attacks that target this vulnerability.

Opto 22 cannot respond to or address the possible risks or exposures created by hardware and software products manufactured by other companies. It’s important to carefully review the information provided by manufacturers of the hardware and software that run your applications and networks, making sure that they clearly indicate the specific model numbers or product names affected by this vulnerability.

Please be aware that some companies might use Opto 22 language or terms (for example, “EPIC controller”) to describe their products. These are general descriptions and have absolutely no connection to the Opto 22 groov EPIC® controller, a product name that is a registered trademark owned by Opto 22 and protected under the USPTO trademark laws of the United States. Be sure to check specific model numbers and product names, not just general descriptions, in order to minimize confusion.

For a list of affected companies and links to published advisories and their products, we suggest visiting the URGENT/11 webpage on the Armis website for more information: https://armis.com/urgent11/

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