OptoNews Special: Get major new features now in PAC Project 9.5!

Posted by Jean Femia on Jul 21, 2016 4:54:16 PM

PAC Project automation software suiteAvailable now. Announcing the new PAC Project and firmware R9.5a releases. Included:

  • Many new features you've asked for
  • Support for two new I/O modules
  • A brand-new HTTP/HTTPS server and REST API to make integration, data exchange, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications 

Get PAC Project 9.5

Get SNAP PAC Firmware 9.5—Make sure you download the correct firmware for your controller or brain.

Here are just a few of the new things you can do...


SNAP-PAC-R1 programmable automation controller with a RESTful APIFor software developers and Internet of Things (IoT) applications—Use your programming language of choice to securely access PAC Control variable and I/O data in any SNAP PAC S-series or R-series programmable automation controller with firmware R9.5a or higher.

Each controller includes an HTTP/HTTPS server and RESTful API, compatible with any programming language that supports JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)—including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, node.js, Python, PHP, Ruby, and many more. 

See the documented API and get started now on developer.opto22.com.

PAC Control 

  • Develop modular control applications using nested subroutines.
  • Directly configure E1 and E2 brain boards and their I/O; migrate legacy Optomux systems more easily using the Ethernet OptoMMP protocol used by PAC controllers for I/O communication.
  • Place breakpoints inside OptoScript blocks for better control strategy debugging. 
  • Move modules and points more easily; update rack-mounted controllers and brains.
  • Add tags in the Strategy Tree while the OptoScript editor is open.

PAC Display

  • Enhance operator interface security with user groups as well as operator-level security.
  • Configure tags faster.
  • Include a URL window within PAC Display screens to display information from a website or a web-based interface such as Opto 22’s groov; now includes an option to configure an update interval, which is useful when displaying snapshots from a video camera (PAC Display Pro only).
  • Choose colors for alarms and warnings based on priority.


  • Exchange data between a database table or file and a strategy table more easily.
  • See the status of OptoDataLink and your data links in the new OptoDataLink Monitor. 
  • Switch redundant controllers.

SNAP-AIRTD-8U multifunction RTD/resistance analog temperature input moduleNew SNAP I/O Modules

PAC Project and firmware 9.5a also support these new I/O modules:

The SNAP-OMR6T-C mechanical power relay output module with integrated transient suppression offers four isolated channels of switching for up to 250 VAC or 30 VDC, 6 amp loads—more current than any other SNAP output module. Each point can be normally open or normally closed.

The SNAP-AIRTD-8U multi-function RTD/resistance analog temperature input module provides 8 points, each individually software configurable for a variety of behaviors. Commonly used for 3-wire RTD temperature inputs, the module is also suited to high-resolution resistance measurements.

Get PAC Project 9.5 now
Read the PAC Project Release Notes

Before you install the new version, make sure you have current archives of your PAC Control strategy and PAC Display project.

Get PAC Project 9.5 Get SNAP PAC Firmware 9.5


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