OptoNews: New Node-RED examples for developers

Posted by Jean Femia on Mar 29, 2017 3:56:19 PM

Node-RED logoIf you're using Node-RED and the nodes for SNAP PACs and groov—or if you're thinking about it but haven't startedcheck out our new Node-RED examples on developer.opto22.com

Node-RED is the open-source tool for digitally wiring together hardware devices, cloud services, databases, and more in simple logical flows.

Because you construct your flows with free, pre-built, reusable nodes, a lot of the programming is already done for you. It's an easy way to start seeing the power and usefulness of the Internet of Things. 

Node-RED nodes are available for both Opto 22 SNAP PAC programmable automation controllers and our groov mobile operator interface tool. For convenience, Node-RED is built into the GROOV-AR1 groov Box.

We have 3 examples for you:

  • Read and write to Opto 22 digital I/O modules (uses a Raspberry Pi)
  • Get a controller’s WAN IP address and write it to a tag in PAC Control
  • Use a switch node to perform an action based on the value of a property

Besides the examples, the Node-RED section on our developer site walks you through getting started with Node-RED, either on the groov Box or on your computer. And you'll find resources to learn more.

Also, be sure to check out the Node-RED category on the OptoForum. It's a friendly place to share flows and ask questions. 

See the Node-RED examples

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Written by Jean Femia

Jean Femia writes about technical subjects and has focused on automation and control systems for more than 15 years. She likes learning about technology and taking corners in her Honda S2000.
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