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Posted by Jean Femia on Jun 22, 2016 4:59:12 PM

Opto 22 SNAP PAC S-series standalone programmable automation controllers with RESTful API and HTTPSAre you thinking about how you could use data from some of your SNAP PACs in databases, other applications, even the Internet of Things (IoT)?

If so, you'll be pretty excited about the upcoming release of SNAP PAC firmware, R9.5. 

  • Keep the PACs and strategies you have right running right now—no need to invest in new hardware.
  • All you need is your SNAP PAC programmable automation controller—save time and hassle by avoiding any complex chain of drivers and protocol converters. 

That's because with firmware R9.5, SNAP PAC hardware controllers will include two things that cut through the difficulty of getting data securely to your application:

  • An HTTP/HTTPS server for secure, encrypted communication 
  • A RESTful API (application program interface) for easy access to I/O point and variable data in the PAC, using commonly known programming languages like PHP, Python, .NET, JavaScript
Data from the PAC is returned as JSON (JavaScript object notation), a standard Internet data interchange format easily understood by humans and computers. 

Here's how a SNAP PAC S-series or SNAP PAC R-series controller delivers the IoT:

Opto 22 SNAP PAC R-series controller with a RESTful API and HTTP/HTTPS web serverSNAP PACs and SNAP I/O translate the physical world of currents and voltages into the secure, digital format the Internet understands.

SNAP PACs and SNAP I/O handle challenging industrial environments where dust, moisture, vibration, electro-mechanical frequencies, and temperature vary widely.

SNAP PACs provide powerful automation for systems and processes of any size, from monitoring remote sites to controlling an entire factory.

SNAP PACs can acquire, process, and filter quantities of data, making that data available over a standard interface.

SNAP PACs communicate over standard Ethernet networks using open protocols from both the automation world and the computer world—like Modbus/TCP, OPC, TCP/IP, and HTTPS.

Get ready for the future

You may already have ideas about how data from sensors, equipment, and systems could save time and money for your organization, or make your job safer and easier. Or maybe you're just looking for ways to make accessing data easier. Either way, now's the time to get ready.

If you already have SNAP PAC controllers, start by making sure you have a current archive of your control strategy. Then watch for the release of firmware R9.5, coming soon.

If you don't have a SNAP PAC, take a look at them now. Whether used for control or added for IoT purposes without disturbing an existing control system, a SNAP PAC with firmware R9.5 may be exactly what you need.

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Written by Jean Femia

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