Update to groov EPIC 3.6

Posted by Ben Orchard on May 28, 2024 8:00:00 AM

Read about the features, enhancements, and various fixes you'll get in the groov EPIC 3.6 firmware release.

You'll see some really amazing updates this year. Meanwhile, while it's exciting to be working on new hardware and software, we also know that regular updates that address some "pebble in the shoe" discomfort are just as important. Our 3.6.0 firmware release adds a few new features and takes out a few pebbles for some nice quality-of-life improvements.


Let’s do a quick unpacking of this new EPIC firmware release.

More than a few of you have asked for WPA-2 Enterprise Wifi. In this release, we've added support for:

  • TLS

You will find the settings in the networking setup page of groov Manage.


This update also bumps Node-RED to version 3.1.7. For a quick wrap-up, you can read Terry’s blog about new features.

A sweep of other updates includes:

  • Upgrade CODESYS Controller to
  • groov EPIC: Upgrade Ignition Edge 8.1 MQTT Transmission and Opto 22 driver modules to version 4.0.21
  • Update Java JDK To 8.0.402

Inductive Automation has officially ended support for its Ignition Edge version 7 software, so we have removed it from the PR1 base firmware in this release. However, we know some customers still require Ignition 7 for some of their legacy installations, so you can still download a firmware version for the PR1 that has either Ignition 7 or 8 from your manage.groov.com portal.


The engineers worked with our product support group and added some under-the-cover tweaks to this release to make tracking and getting more detailed information about some of those pebble-in-the-shoe issues easier. You'll find tweaks like enhancing the MMP scanner server log messages with millisecond timestamps, improving groov licensing error logging, displaying more information about the strategy stored in flash memory, deeper PAC Control runtime engine logs, and less truncated support log levels.

Some specific bug fixes include:

  • The "Generate N Pulses" command no longer starts the TPO function if N = 0.
  • Node-RED Dashboard user API key doesn't produce a -401 error.
  • Deleted and sticky OPC UA tags and values in the Data Server and PAC Control are updated.
  • MQTT payload compression won't cause frequent rebirth messages.
  • “Read all strings” API calls no longer time out sometimes.

groov View also gets an update in this EPIC firmware release. groov View 4.5c fixes these:

  • SSL port for groov Server for Windows using port 443 documentation
  • Trend downloads with human timestamps (if selected) for one pen only
  • Large projects timing out when being uploaded
  • OPC UA tag timeouts when opening large folders
  • Computed tags only showing the first 50
  • Inability to select CODESYS string variables in groov View tag browser

And these are just some of the highlights in this release.

The release notes provide a great deal of information, including links to our KnowledgeBase with even more details about most of the updates. If you can’t schedule the firmware update just yet, you'll find workarounds for many of the issues.


Like every other firmware update from Opto 22, you can access your firmware portal at manage.groov.com and download it for free.


For our groov RIO family fans out there, you can expect to see the same core features and fixes released in its 3.6 firmware update in a few weeks.


Till then.


Cheers Mate,


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Written by Ben Orchard

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