What's new in EPIC 3.2?

Posted by Ben Orchard on Apr 26, 2021 9:29:17 AM

There's a mix of totally new features and improvements to existing software in this new groov EPIC 3.2 firmware release

It just gets better and better. Every new release is just a blast to write about, and I'm here to tell you about all the cool stuff in the latest EPIC 3.2 firmware update.

So, what's new?

groov EPIC 3.2 firmware updateNew hardware choice. We have a lot of customers that are running Ignition from Inductive Automation on groov EPIC. While version 7 runs fine on the GRV-EPIC-PR1, Ignition 8 needed a little more room to breathe. So you can now choose the GRV-EPIC-PR2. (Check our blog post announcing the newest groov EPIC, in case you missed it.)

With more RAM (memory) and increased storage (SSD drive), the PR2 is the perfect platform to run your Ignition 8 projects. Keep in mind that the CPU and all other aspects on the PR1 and PR2 are identical; but if you are running Ignition 8 or need more storage space for, say, local data logging, then the PR2 is worth a look. 3.7 gigs of RAM and 22 gigs of user storage is a nice upgrade bump.

Speaking of upgrades, the PR2 will ship with the new long-term support version of Ignition, namely 8.1.1, while the PR1 ships with Ignition 7.9.17.

Cool new software

Have you ever needed to access your legacy hardware from afar, say over a VPN? With the new port forwarding (NAT- Network Address Translation) feature on the EPIC, now you can. Say you have a legacy PLC on your trusted PLC network connected to groov EPIC. You can establish a connection to it from its own programming software running on your PC back at head office, via your secure VPN over an untrusted network like the internet. Very, very cool. We are going to have a LOT more to say about this new feature, so keep your eye out for new tech notes, videos, and webinars.

More new software features in groov EPIC 3.2:

  • We have added MQTT support to our PID loop data. You can now send the data from the native MQTT Sparkplug client or access it via a RESTful interface.
  • Node-RED sees an update to version 1.2.9. You can check out their update log here. 
  • Oh, and speaking of Node-RED, we have added Bluetooth support via a USB dongle. Of course not every device is supported, but it's great to have options to test.
  • If you are a shell user or developer and want more VPN options than the built-in one, we have added some Wireguard packages to our repo.

For PAC Control Users

This update gives you some very handy new commands:

  • A bunch of ‘Get Module….” commands. Too many to list here, so be sure to check out the 3.2 release notes. Keep in mind you will need PAC Control 10.4b to see them.
  • We have also added commands to create a new directory, change to a different directory, and (yay) delete a directory, all from a PAC Control strategy.

groov Manage has some nice new features
  • The System Status page now shows the exact date and time that the EPIC booted up.
  • You can download all logs with a single click.
  • You can choose to encrypt your groov EPIC backup files.
  • The generic MMP area has been expanded to include support for 64-bit integers.
  • Certificate handling has also been improved.

On top of all that, we included some bug fixes. Again, check out the firmware readme to get the details, or check out our main KB page for a recap of improvements.

Let's wrap up with a reminder. For existing groov EPIC owners, there are two versions of this update in your manage.groov.com portal: a version with Ignition 7 and a version with Ignition 8. If you are not using Ignition at all, or you are currently using Ignition 7, then just download the one with Ignition7 in the filename and stick with it. If you are currently running Ignition 8, you first need to install the 3.2.0-b.44 firmware with Ignition7 in the filename, and then install the version with Ignition8 in the filename. Let us know if you have any questions on this.

Enjoy all those new features, and remember, firmware updates are free!

UPDATE TO groov EPIC 3.2



Topics: Firmware, PAC Control, MQTT, groov EPIC, Ignition

Written by Ben Orchard

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