OptoNews: Aging wind farms join the 21st Century

Posted by Jean Femia on Mar 18, 2015 4:30:00 PM

Wind farmOlder wind farms still produce clean energy, but many weren't built for modern monitoring and control.

This lack of remote visibility causes problems for utility companies and other owners, who must immediately respond when regulators call for changes in production.

That's because the electrical grid has to be a Goldilocks kind of system: not too much electricity, not too little. It has to be just right.

The only way to keep the grid in balance is for owners of electrical generation equipment to alter production exactly when it's needed. But with wind turbines scattered across miles of land, immediate response is a problem.

SCADA Solutions in Irvine, California, found a solution to this problem with a wireless mesh radio network and Opto 22's groov.

See how SCADA Solutions brought older wind turbines into today's connected world in our new Application Brief.

Read the SCADA Solutions case study


OptoNews March 18, 2015 - Read more in this issue:


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Written by Jean Femia

Jean Femia writes about technical subjects and has focused on automation and control systems for more than 15 years. She likes learning about technology and taking corners in her Honda S2000.
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