Make the pitch for automation security with this updated tech note

Posted by Benson Hougland on Jun 9, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Best practices for cybersecurity and more from the groov EPIC v3.2 update to help you get sign-off on critical security upgrades.

groov EPIC securitySolarwinds, Oldsmar, Colonial, JBS—with all the cybersecurity news filling our inboxes, news feeds, and social channels, your customers may finally be ready to talk about a more rigorous security strategy.

So I figured this was a relevant time to share our recently updated tech note, “groov EPIC Cybersecurity Designs and Best Practices.” It details the mindset and specific actions that can change your automation from a security vulnerability into a security asset.

Industrial automation has long been known to carry vulnerabilities both at the level of technology and practice. Legacy PLCs weren’t designed for the Internet, and the old password on a sticky note just doesn’t cut it anymore.

But executives are often resistant to making needed investments in cybersecurity, leaving you holding the bag when things go wrong.

Why? Because security is a pain in the neck for decision-makers. It’s esoteric, complicated, and expensive, with audit processes and consulting fees that don’t promise a clear ROI.

That’s why now might be the best time to have the conversation. With world governments calling for increased attention to security, internal and external stakeholders are more likely to be open to change if you can point the way to an easy, comprehensive solution.

This tech note is a great place to start. It has been updated to include new security features added to groov EPIC in the latest v3.2 firmware update. Highlights include:

  • New OpenVPN client capabilities used with our segmented network zones
  • A brand-new Port Redirect feature for creating on-demand, secure conduits between your trusted OT network and untrusted networks like your IT network and the Internet.

We’ve also updated illustrations, added information about ISA/IEC 62443 alignment, and included the use of LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) for centralized EPIC account management, added in v3.0.

These updates build on the foundational aspects of groov EPIC security, like no default accounts; a minimal, cryptographically signed OS; and independent, zoned network interfaces with individually configurable firewalls.

It’s as straightforward as it gets: All the tools you need available out of the box at a price you can go to bat for. You'll get the credit for being the security genius that you are and get to "yes" faster.


Look, these days, it’s probably better not to make the front page, if you know what I mean. Make sure your customers become famous for the right reasons by trying groov EPIC today.

We do security so you can too. It’s time to get started.


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Written by Benson Hougland

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